Grand groundbreaking ceremony of Isfahan fairground

Isfahan Province International Exhibition Company (IPIECO) witnessed one of the most fortuitous moments in its history last week with the official groundbreaking ceremony officiating the construction of a new expo township. The stage was set so elegantly as Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, took the first spade to the sod marking the beginning of the development of Iran’s very first expo township. The ceremony could not have come at a more fortuitous time as during the ten-day-long national tribute which also happened to coincide with the National Government week. To the attending dignitaries and the good people of Isfahan townships, this was nothing short of a dream come true. 

The event was attended by the Governor General and the mayor of Isfahan, the Isfahan's deputy Governor Generals, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, parliament members, senior managers of governmental offices and high executives of various organizations, namely the president of Esfahan ICT Guild, the president and members of the City Council, members of the Chamber of Commerce and home to Industry and mining, and a large number of the private sector investors and entrepreneurs.



The officials' outlook for the future of the project 

"The city of Isfahan is the showcase for Iran's grandeur." Said the foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. During the official ground breaking ceremony which was held on the grounds of Isfahan International fairs and exhibitions located on the city's Bridge and attended by a large number of dignitaries and high officials, the foreign minister said, “this city is a larger than life display of Iranian art and craftsmanship the likes of which cannot be found in the world. Isfahan also exhibits the most notable driving forces behind the wheels of Iran's industry." States the foreign minister.


"And on the other hand Isfahan is the exhibit for Iran's nuclear energy from USF to the Natanz facility," Zarif pointed out. "A movement starts here today with the launch of the township expo. A movement which will go on to show the world what Isfahan has to offer." He accentuated. "The exhibition paves the way for better presenting Isfahan's industries to the world and I hope, two years from now, we get to see the grand opening of the township." Iran's foreign minister asserted.


The Governor General of Isfahan Province called the inauguration ceremony a giant step for the country as well as for the region and further pointed out, “the exhibition grounds in Isfahan failed to follow the example of excellence it set in industry, agriculture, cultural heritage and today we took the first step towards rectifying that. Here's hoping that the project will come to fruition and in due time."

Mehdi Jamali Nejad also informed that, “Isfahan’s urban planning management seeks to improve the international stance of the city in areas of creative tourism and a multidisciplinary approach to urban diplomacy improvement and comprehensive project planning of the expo township has been developed to reflect that

Rasoul Mohaqqeqian, the managing director of Isfahan's International Exhibitions with regards to the foreign minister's visit to the city and the upholding of the inauguration ceremony also had this comment to make," 


This project which has wide transnational and international dimensions, will bring about significant change in the news cycle and will further serve as a platform the people to get familiar with various industrial sectors. An area of 47 Hectares is predicted to be constructed upon, 17 hectares of which according to the analysts will have major implications to the exhibition industry

 The CEO International exhibition during the visit paid by the minister of foreign affairs and the subsequent groundbreaking ceremony also stated that, “this project is set to revolutionize the News cycle and effect major changes for the better for the economy and the industry.

The township is estimated to be needing 47 hectors of land, 17 Hector of which will be allocated to the phase 1." He went on to say, “The plan will significantly improve the quality of exhibitions, and as a results boost the export and import sectors of the country."

He later clarified that, "with the contributions made by top executive officers of the province, governor General of Isfahan, The mayor we will be able to implement the first phase of the project in the shortest period of time possible which is estimated to be two years.  The project will indeed boost the economy of the country by bringing in more visitors from all around the world to invest in the industrial sectors. Isfahan's International exhibition Deputy Director pointed to the huge impact tourism has on the economy, specifically trade and expo tourism which seem to attract a lot of foreign visitors." He later noted that, “Dr Zarif's attendance at groundbreaking ceremony, as a well-recognized public figure, who has come to be known as the paragon of the diplomatic relations all over the world, see an international debates can only highlight the importance of this project for the future of our economy. The project also signifies the report between the administration and the people and how valuable the Foreign Ministry has deemed it looks quite promising.