20th Exporting Exhibition of Persian Handmade Carpets

20th Exporting Exhibition of Persian Handmade Carpets
Date: : 5/12/2017
Time : 16:48
News id : 37232880
Isfahan from 30 November to 6 December in the International Exhibition Center of Isfahan Province. In this edition it hosted 152 participants of producers, weavers and exporters from different provinces of Isfahan, Tehran, Fars, Ardebil, Azerbaijan, Qom, Kerman, Golestan, Khorasan, Kordestan and Chahar mahal. All exhibitors exposed their recent art of handmade carpets, kilim, rural & nomadic carpets during 7 days of exhibition. The running of activities related to weave and design of handmade carpets by the Association of Designers and Handicrafts of Isfahan was one of the side events of this exhibition. This exhibition of handmade carpets was held in 4 halls and 9000 square meter and was visited by about 10 thousand expert visitors and buyers.

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